Discover How We Help Med Spas Make An Additional $146,000 Within 6 Months Using A.I & Magnetic Video Funnels

Written And Presented By: Roel Peters, CEO

Definitive Guide On How We Help Med Spas Make An Additional $146,000 Within 6 Months Or Less

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Now, You Might Be Wondering If This Is For You...

This is for any medical spa owner or professional in the aesthetics industry that has already invested in state-of-the-art equipment, already has staff and is now looking to grow their business.

If these fit your current situation, you are definitely a fit...

You’re a medical spa owner with a small team and ready for the next step in your business. You have already invested thousands in hiring the right people and getting state-of-the-art equipment, and are now ready to exponentially grow your business.

You can’t afford not to do anything, since you already have your ongoing costs such as paying your staff and paying off the equipment that you use. You’re already spending thousands per month on these costs and now is the time make sure your staff’s calendars are packed with client appointments and profits are maximized.

You’re struggling to consistently generate new clients and are currently relying on referrals, word-by-mouth advertising, or platforms such as Groupon.

You’ve also wasted thousands by working with advertising agencies that promised you the world, but never really were able to make a real impact in your business. They are just sending you these leads on a spreadsheet but these leads are not even booking appointments with you.

You’re tired of attracting low-quality clients to your medical spa that are only looking for the best deals and not interested in  treatment packages that you have to offer. No matter how good your treatment packages are and how they could benefit your client, they are just interested in getting single treatments when they’re at a discount. They won’t buy into your biggest treatment packages.

Worst of all, these low-quality clients don’t respect your time. They are not showing up on scheduled times for treatment appointments. They end up canceling last minute only to never reach out to you again. You’re tired of being disrespected and not being valued for your time. It’s just a waste of time and money.

You might see other medical spa owners within your network sell those high ticket packages ($3,000+) and you want to be doing the same thing, but you just don’t know how.

You’re sick of discounting your treatments and packages because it’s eating away your profits, for the cost of consumables for some of your treatments are high. This leaves you with thin profit margins.

You’re currently posting on social media or perhaps employing a  social media management company that’s posting on your behalf, engaging with followers but haven’t seen any ROI. You think that some day you’ll get a magic burst in your business with all this posting. All the medical spa “guru’s” tell you to post on your social media but you still lack consistency and predictability in your business.

You’re feeling a lot of stress, because you’ve been testing out new client attraction strategies that never really seem to work, and the failure of each new ‘’experiment’’ leaves you stressed out. Moreover, it’s costing you money.

The Aesthetic Client Activator® methodology created by Roel H. Peters helps you launch & scale your very own lead generation system. Leap over all the income-wasting mistakes that others have had to experience. It will save you years of banging your head against the wall trying to figure it all out. Our goal is simple and based on a famous quote:

"If you can give a man fish, he'll eat one day. If you can teach a man to fish, he'll eat for a lifetime."

Many Med Spa Owners Go Wrong By Not Understanding The ENTIRE Picture...

"I just need High Quality leads"

Baloney. This Is Far Too Common Within Sales Across Several Industries. After Having Been In Sales For My Whole Career, We Call These Folks "Order Takers". You Do NOT Want To Become An Order Taker If You Want To Succeed.

Order Takers Work Best At Mcdonalds.

The Truth Is That You Are Probably Struggling With Lead Generation & Will Continue To Do So Until You Understand ONE THING: Client Acquisition Is Based Around Attracting Leads & Not Chasing Them. Most Med Spa Owners Will Just Chase Leads Because They Are Not Being Seen As An Authority Figure Or They Simply Rely Upon Old School Methods.

You Need To Understand The End To End Sales Process & Have Your Client Acquisition System Based Around Principles Of Attraction. In Fact, We Attracted You To This Page. If You're Reading This Right Now, It's Proof That It Works. Think The Same Way About Your Aesthetic Business.

You Can't Be Competing With Other Aesthetic Practices. If You Do What They Do, You'll Only End Up With Their Results.

There are HUGE Opportunities To Be Had And a Ton Of Money To Be Made Using Organic Marketing & Magnetic Video Prospecting.

But Here's The Thing...

It's Really Easy To Screw It All Up If You Don't Know What You're Doing! There Are No Medical Spa Courses or Accreditation Programs That Teach This Stuff.

If You Do Find One, It Was Probably Created By Someone Who Hasn't Actually Used Principles Like Magnetic Video Prospecting To Scale. We Practice What We Preach & Use Magnetic Video Prospecting Within Our Own Company As Well.

You Can Get Your Hands On This Invaluable Program.

Inside, We'll Show You How To:

Craft Or Rework Your Market & Niche, Messaging & Positioning To Allow You To Become A Local Expert. Use Concepts Like Magnetic Video Prospecting To "Pre Sell" Your Clients Before They Ever Speak To You.

Generate High-Quality Leads Using Organic Marketing & Paid Advertising. Build A Farm Of Dream Clients That You Constantly Market To Using Irresistible Offers That Get Prospects Coming To You.

Install Predictable Sales Framework To Close Leads Into Appointments And Appointments Into Sold Packages ($3,000+). Ensure Each Lead Is Warmed Up Before They Even Visit Your Clinic.

If You're Looking For The Ultimate Shortcut To A Predictable Medical Spa...

The Aesthetic Client Activator Program Is The Perfect Way to Get There.


Because we only use concepts that have been proven to work across dozens of medical spas and we even apply it into our own business as well.

After working with over 50+ aesthetic practices in the past few years, we looked within our top clinic's CRMs, took concepts like magnetic video prospecting, organic marketing and paid advertising and built out our Aesthetic Client Activator program.

Every medical spa owner that has ever come and worked with us will know how we generated them as a client. This can be traced down to how we acquired them as a lead, re-marketed to them all across the internet, got them to watch our magnetic videos, attracted them to book a call, followed up with them using an inside sales team, conducted a buyer presentation and ultimately officially welcomed them aboard.

Everybody uses lead generation companies but they just don't get it. Medical spa owners need an entire system that encompasses every step along a lead's journey.

Each day, a huge ocean of money flows within the aesthetics industry and if you grasp several key strategies for properly presenting yourself as an expert online, people will EAGERLY want to come and work with you.

it's just a matter of doing what others are not willing to do.

Program Deliverables

Some Of The Things Covered In The 4 Month Aesthetic Client Activator Program

Building The Foundation

What “ingredients” you need to build your business to support the strongest possible sales pitch, to assure scalability, to provide greatest possible profitability. We will help you invent your messaging and move it to new extremes.

Building Out Systems & Processes

Engineer a system that brings you all the clients you want and also have the ability to own it outright. Our goal is for our clients to come work with us & install a system within their business which enables them to own all intellectual property. We understand that the top & hyper profitable businesses run all their marketing in-house & we want our clients to adopt the same thinking.

Dedicated Client Success Manager

You will get access to our dedicated client success manager who is going to make sure that you'll succeed with our program and focus on the right action steps without getting distracted. She will check-in with you multiple times per week and hold you accountable for the goals that are set. Not only will our client success manager hold YOU accountable, we'll also make sure that your entire team is onboard and trained in the best way possible.

Support Infrastructure

Get access to other medical spa owners across North America on a similar journey. Leverage our coaching team to assist you with technical support, strategy & consulting.

Access To Our Sales Framework & Infrastructure

You'll discover a much easier path that'll allow you to book appointments with your leads and also warm them up for a consultation using proven strategies like magnetic video prospecting. Get access to call recordings of live dialing leads, scripts and templates that we use in-house and have been validated. Listen to our team calling leads from the campaigns we teach. Most importantly, start creating your offers with a strong focus on the back-end package ($3,000+) without being salesy.

Lead Nurture Mechanisms

Unlike old-school strategies, we teach concepts like building your very own value-driven content protocol in which you explain how your treatment technologies work in order to nurture leads without aggression using our proven framework. We also provide you with a done-for-you template as well. You will also get access to a CRM provided to you at no cost that will nurture your leads for years to come.

Paid Advertising & Organic Marketing

During your term with us our expert advertising team will manage your paid advertising campaigns on Facebook & Instagram for you using the magnetic video frameworks taught earlier on. We're going to drive leads to proven nurture campaigns & build a retargeting pool to constantly re-market to your leads. If you keep on seeing our ads for our company, chances are you were in our retargeting pool. We show you how to do the same.

Moreover, we'll provide you with all tools to build your hyper-profitable, dependable & scalable organic marketing system. This is a supplement to paid advertising campaigns and can double the number of leads you bring in. We teach you Facebook organic, Tiktok strategies, Youtube channel growth, and more through our active coaching and consulting modules. All concepts are used by our own founder who has amassed followings of dozens of people online. Learn how to manage your Google My Business like a professional marketer to attract and convert leads at scale.

Maximize Revenue From Your Existing Database

Focus on squeezing out as much profit as possible from people that are already in your database. This is your lowest-hanging fruit, since these people already bought from you in the past and therefore already know, like & trust you. Learn how to use our signature database wake-up campaign SMS strategy to reactivate your database and sell high-ticket packages with ease.

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