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We squeeze your ambitions, vision and goals into a digital marketing strategy that will lift your business to new heights.

Facebook Ads for fashion brands

Facebook Advertising

Understanding Facebooks powerful advertising platform and all of its hidden features allows us to boost your business with smart advertisements. We are experienced in all types of advertising on Facebook and we have a solution for your business as well.

Youtube Advertising

A hidden treasure. Youtube is owned by Google, hence most of the advertisers stick to Google advertising. We use Youtube’s hyper focused targeting possibilities to grow your business. Guess what? Your audience is on Youtube as well.

Youtube Ads for clothing brands
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Google Ads

Analyzing and optimizing! Google Ads are a really powerful tool to reach your ideal target audience when they are searching for your products and services. Bid on relevant keywords that your potential customers are using to find you on Google. Analyzing and optimizing ads is a crucial factor in its success. We got you covered.

Search engine optimization

Steady business growth. Whereas Google Ads are leading to quick results because you are paying for each and every click, generating your desired SEO results will take longer. The huge benefit of SEO is that once you are ranking high on the search engines, you will acquire free traffic to your website from people who are already searching for your products and services. Don’t underestimate the power of search engine optimization.

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How we do it

━ 01 Strategy

Using a well composed digital marketing strategy for your unique business could lead to exponential growth if implemented correctly. We find it extremely important to keep your businesses’ corporate identity in the back of our heads while composing a unique digital marketing strategy.

━ 02 Implementation

After the strategy has been reviewed and/or revised the work will begin. By now we have already collected all necessary content, so now it's time to create the digital advertisements. In the first period of advertising we will collect a bunch of data to determine what's working for your business.

━ 03 Conversion

Once we have collected enough data in the implementation phase we can now move on to the conversion phase. Important decisions and allocations in budget will be made based on the collected data. We will now further elaborate on the top performing ads to make sure we’ll generate the best possible return on investment for you.

Meet Me


My name is Roel, the founder of PDM. I created PDM because I am very passionate about seeing results, growth and changes. My goal with each and every company that I work with is to help them achieving their business goals. Before I even start to run advertisements, I want to learn everything about your business and its heritage, so I can create a digital marketing strategy that perfectly fits your business.

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