Vacation Rental Marketing companies

Peters Digital Marketing is vacation rental marketing company that is specialized in generating more direct bookings for your business. Over the years we have helped and consulted multiple business with their vacation rental marketing strategy. All of the businesses that we have been working with basically have the same ambition and that is to drive more direct bookings. Besides, we are one of the leading vacation rental marketing companies in the market and we provide premium digital marketing services to make your direct booking journey a success.

Vacation Rental Advertisements

Vacation rental advertisements are slightly different than the regular advertisements in the digital marketing space. You need to understand and adapt your vacation rental marketing strategy according to the customer journey of your ideal target audience. To be more specific, there are multiple phases that your prospects are going through before they book their holiday with you. Consequently you need to be visible with your vacation rental ads in every phase in order to build the trust that it takes to generate direct bookings.

Vacation Rental Marketing

Vacation rental marketing to drive more direct bookings! As a vacation rental owner you are probably paying high commissions to the traditional booking platforms such as, Homeaway and Airbnb. But what if I told you that you could get rid of those commissions by creating an oustanding marketing strategy for vacation rentals? Yes, it's possible. Have a look at the premium services we provide.

Facebook Ads for Vacation Rentals

Facebook Advertising for vacation rentals

In your journey to become less dependant on huge OTAs, Facebook ads for vacation rental marketing can not be skipped. Reach potential travellers, retarget your website visitors while they are in their orientating phase or grow your e-mail list. We are experienced in running outstanding Facebook Ads for vacation rental marketers.

Youtube Advertising for vacation rentals

Probably not the first thing that comes to mind when considering digital marketing to drive more direct bookings. However, Youtube ads for vacation rental marketing is a powerful method to reach your ideal target audience when they are searching for your products and services.

To elaborate, Youtube is owned by Google and both platforms work together so you can combine targeting options across both platforms. To be more specific, this means that you can show your vacation rental ads on Youtube to people who are searching for your products and services on Google.

Youtube advertising for vacation rentals
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Google Ads for vacation rentals

Pay per click advertising is the most common digital advertising method for vacation rental marketers. Show advertisements on Google when people are searching for your holiday destination or particular properties. Conducting a market research for your specific business to discover which keywords are interesting based on data is an important step for us. We need to investigate which keywords related to your business being searched the most and which keywords are being searched the fewest. Consequently we will use a mix of both keywords to make sure we target competitive and less competitive keywords.

SEO for vacation rentals

Rank your vacation rental high on Google. Imagine ranking your vacation rental organically on the first page of Google without paying for each and every click. It’s really possible. You will generate hundreds or even thousands of monthly website visitors that are searching for your specific offer without paying a dime. Whereas Search Engine Optimization might take longer to achieve significant results, it is also the most sustainable way of advertising.

In order to create a vacation rental marketing strategy for your business we need to conduct a proper market research on which keywords are interesting for your specific business.

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