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Digital marketing for the travel industry has evolved rapidly throughout the last decade. Newer generations don’t rely solely on travel agencies to book a trip. Instead, they are getting their ideas from social media and other online platforms. This opens up a sea of opportunities for tours and travel advertisements. We are here to help with the development and execution of your digital marketing strategy. Our expertise lies in creating travel agency ads that suit your business and its needs.

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Facebook ads for the travel industry 

Facebook ads for travel agents are a pivotal step in your digital marketing strategy. We can help with creating ads that offer more than just a visit to a destination, ads that offer experiences. As Facebook advertising experts for travel ads, we know how to reach people that haven’t had the pleasure to travel with you yet, as well as recurring customers. Based on the needs of your business we can set up Facebook ads for travel agents that are bound to lead to an increase in your revenue and attract loyal customers. 

YouTube ads for the travel industry

Videos are an ideal way to display how booking a trip with your travel agency looks like. They can be a great opportunity to influence the planning process of potential customers. After seeing the destination and the experiences your travel agency has to offer, customers will want to book a trip to enjoy it themselves. Our substantial experience in creating YouTube ads for the travel industry can make a great impact on the digital marketing strategy of your travel agency and ensure more visitors on your website.  

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SEO For the travel industry

The travel industry is one of the fastest-growing sectors in the world. Therefore, it is no wonder that the competition for popular keywords is high. The buyer stages are divided into three phases - when the customers research the destinations, when they plan the trip, and, finally, when they make the decision to book a tour. While tours and travel advertisements are important, making sure that your page is optimized for SEO is a way to cut the costs of advertising by ranking higher. As the customer journey is very broad there are limitless possibilities to strategize your SEO. We’re here to help with the research and ensure that you are attracting the right customer at the right time.

Google Ads For the travel industry

Google travel ads are a fail-safe way to make your agency rank on the top of the search results for certain keywords. We are here to help determine the best keywords for your business by analyzing industry trends and assuring that we are bringing the right audience to your website. By using Google Adwords for your travel agency, you can make sure that you are reaching the people that have the intent to book a tour.

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Are you interested in growing more direct bookings for your business by implementing a digital marketing strategy for your travel business? Please schedule a free consultation via the contact form or start the livechat on our website. In this free consultation we will elaborate among other things how tours and travel advertisements exactly work and how we can implement it in your particular business.